The happiest people don’t have the best of everything,they just make the best of everything they have.!!!

A very nice hi to all my readers..Today i’m here to discuss some of the vital ingredients of life which makes it spicy as well as sweet too.We all have many reasons too defy the rules of our life but there’s just a one reason to stay happy is “Just To Be Happy”else nothing is important when it comes to happiness..

But truly now we aren’t happy.We are least bothered to have that pure feeling of happiness in our life.Life gives as endless ways to stay happy and celebrate those moments nut we are so busy in our bread butter life that we all have forgotten about ourselves,to give time to your family,to your loved ones and even to yourselves

Life is like a camera… Focus on what’s important,Capture the good times,Develop from the negatives,And if things don’t work out,Take another shot..
Yes,LIFE is to be lived in that manner…You really have to be honest with yourselves if you want to be trusted..

YOU CANNOT JUST GO ON COMPLAINING ABOUT ALL THE NEGATIVES THAT HAPPENED TO YOU.Because no one is there who is going to listen you in the same way..We all are human beings and we cannot take every time the same thing that makes life boring and monotonous..So if you have negatives with you ,you have to also keep some positive things with you..And the most important things is that Positivity really attracts every good things around you.

Try to listen the Music of your Life..Hear the rhythm of it..Explore the whole world which is confronting you.Enjoy ,learn from your mistakes ,smile that will not cost too much..Dance to the hard beats and have a soothing relaxing air to cherish..Have this beautiful moments with you so that when you end up your life..You will have no regrets to mourn at.Value the things you have been provided with..Make it large because life is itself has no end..Its a bed of roses if you know how to enjoy it ..but on the other end its also a bed of thorns if you don’t know how to take it on..

Lastly,Life is to celebrate and cherish all those beautiful moments that add colors to your life..
Some of the life’s mantras to make your life simple and clear and as we know simple things are very profound when utilized properly..

  • Learn to be Positive even when negativity surrounds you..
  • Learn to be strong even when you feel like breaking down..
  • Learn to be grateful even when you are lost..
  • Learn to be Hopeful even you have every reason to doubt..
  • Learn to be Peaceful even when you want to be enraged..

Because no matter what never allow situations to control you.Never ever give up because Life gives you numerous chances to say that It’s never too late yar..come on let us paint some beautiful picture in it…Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you..So,be prepared for it..and win the battle and have a long lasting effect on others when you are living and relishing the moments of your trip to Life……Have a beautiful and smiling LIFE!!!!!…

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