Killed Ojha Ranthu Munda in Witch Bisahi in Gumla

65-year-old Ranthu Munda was murdered in Parsa village of Raidih police station in Gumla district of Jharkhand on charges of witchcraft. The deceased used to work as an Ojhaguni. A month ago, Sangita Kumari of the village died of illness. After the death of Sangita, her family came under superstition. Sangita‘s brother along with his friends killed Ranthu Munda. Police have arrested five people involved in the murder.

At 9:00 pm on Wednesday night, some people reached the house of Ojha Ranthu Munda with a leg. At that time Ranthu Munda was sleeping with his wife. The attackers broke into the door and entered inside the house. Ranthu was brutally beaten inside the house. Seeing the husband being beaten up, the wife went to awaken her son and daughter in another room. The family kept on praying with folded hands. Still, the accused kept beating Ranthu mercilessly.

When he was not beaten to death, he straddled his face with a stone. Even after this, when Ranthu did not die. Then the accused brutally cut the leg. Police received information about the incident on Thursday morning. The SDPO and the police station in-charge reached the village with the police force and took the body in possession. At the same time, five people involved in the murder were arrested and taken to the police station. Chief Ismail Kujur said that Sangita Kumari of the village had died of illness, but her brother came in superstition and killed the old Ranthu Munda.

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