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Khunti Gangrape Case: Two Arrested Including Master Mind John Junas Tidu

Khunti Gangrape Case: Two Arrested Including Master Mind John Junas Tidu 

Master John Junas Tidu of Gang Rape Case, arrested along with 5 youths of the Nookad drama gang in Kochang, has been arrested by the police. With him, the police has arrested Balram Samad. Both of them have been arrested from the border areas of Khunti. However, it has not yet been officially confirmed.

On June 21, gang rape and beating FIR was registered by the gang-rape woman in Adki police station. Since then, John Junas was absconding. In this case, the police has already arrested the main accused of the gang, Khunti‘s Baaji Samad alias Takhla, Father Alfonz Aind of RC church Khunti, Ayub Sandi Purti and Ashish Longo.

Baaji Samad alias Takhal, who was found during the raids, confessed to the police questioning that Gang rape has ganged up on the inciting of Pathalgadi leader John Junas Tidu, ​​Balram Samad and Laxman SoyBaaji Samad was arrested on the basis of secret information, from Karaikela police station, Banasai village. Meanwhile, during the raids, the police recovered five DBBL gun from Benugarh forest. These guns were kept in a sack on a mango tree.

On the day of the incident, Baaji Samad was made from mobile phones of men involved in gang rape of video drama. But when a member made a mobile video, the switch was off due to battery discharge. That was a video of eight seconds in that mobile, in which Baaji Samad alias Takhla was seen. The police issued the same picture and announced the reward and gave information about it to the common people.


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