Jharkhand filmmaker Meghnath and Biju Toppo of the Mumbai International Film Festival have been awarded the Jury Award for the film “Nachi Se Banchi“. The film is based on the life and contributions of Ramdayal Munda. Film based on tribal life philosophy, ‘Nachi Se Banchi‘, which will dance, will survive. Ramdayal Munda had deep affection for Jharkhandi culture and music.

Regarding the Jury Award, film director Meghnath said in a talk with Media, that Ramdial Munda is Rabindra Nath Tagore of Jharkhand. It is a good thing that the movie got respect. This film should have been shown in schools in Jharkhand too. He told that tribal heroes in Jharkhand could not get the identity of the kind they deserved. Jaipal Singh Munda was a very big hero, but information about him is not available even after being curious about him. Ramdayal Munda was our friend and the future generation from this movie will know about his life.

Ramdayal Munda’s life has been shown in the film. From small places like Deori, reaching America to study on the strength of their talents. In the film, Dr. Munda seems to be playing Mandar, and sometimes playing flute. The film, centered on his entire personality, draws the lifeline of a person who is always excited for the private language and culture.


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