Jharkhand bandh against the land acquisition bill pass, fully flop

Against the amendment to the Land Acquisition Bill, Jharkhand failed to support the opposition parties due to lack of support. Tribal Sengel Abhiyan and Jharkhand Dishome Party tried to block the road, but the police took them into custody. The Tupkadih road, which was released on the release date of Bokaro district, was jammed for some time. At around 8:45 pm, the police took 20 people into custody and ended the jam. In other areas of Bokaro district, there is no effect of captivity. Police and administration had made adequate arrangements to deal with the prisoners.

The Tribal Sengel Abhiyan and National President of Jharkhand Dishome Party and former MP Salkhan Murmu had declared Jharkhand bandh against the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill on Monday (June 18). He had appealed to all the opposition parties including the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and Congress to support the band, but no one accepted his request.

The captive in Lohardaga also is ineffective. Operation of vehicles is normal. Shops, teaching and government institutions are open.


Mr. Murmu says that the President’s seal on Jharkhand Land Acquisition Amendment Bill 2017 is death warrant for tribals and people. It is to be known that the Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha had passed the Right to Fair Reservation and Transparency in Land Acquisition and Restoration, Jharkhand Amendment Bill, 2012 on August 12, 2017. In this, the provision of study of social impact was abolished.

It cleared the way for acquisition of land to make housing for government schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, panchayat buildings, angnabadi, rail projects, irrigation schemes, electrification, water supply schemes, roads, pipelines, waterways and the poor. However, despite the strong objection to the opposition’s decision to end the Social Impact Assessment in land acquisition in the Monsoon Session of the Assembly last year, this bill was passed in a nutshell amidst heavy noise.

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