Jayanti Sarovar is a beautiful lake in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Jayanti Sarovar is adjacent to Jubilee Park.

Blooming lilies, still waters, beautiful greenery and chirping birds welcome visitors to the Jayanti Sarovar in Jamshedpur. The park around the lake adds more charm to it. In simpler words, Jayanti Sarovar is an ideal destination for spending leisure time with nears and dears.

The cleanliness of this lake sets it apart from the rest of the lakes in India. Visitors can sit on the benches and admire the picturesque views or simply walk around the park. This place is ideal for those looking to spend some peaceful and relaxed time. The lake also has water fountains and flower beds to accentuate the beauty.

The best time for visit to Jayanti Sarovar is throughout the year. Mostly Peoples frequently visit the park for a walk in the morning or evening. It is also a great picnic spot for all as well.