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Inquiries from the gangster’s gangster, gangs ran in many cities

Inquiries from the gangster’s gangster, gangs ran in many cities 

Ranchi police is questioning Rudra Pratap, who is arrested in connection with running a sex racket in Whatsapp. It is being told that during the interrogation, there have been reports of sex racket disclosures in many cities. It is noteworthy that the police arrested Rudra, a gang of gang racket, who was involved in sex racket through Whatsapp in the capital yesterday. Saraikela and Ranchi police jointly raided His arrest came from the Kapali Op area in Saraikela. He was staying there to avoid the police.

After Rudra’s arrest, SSP Kuldeep Dwivedi sent a police team to Saraikela. It will be brought from Saraikela to Ranchi. According to the police, there is a case registered against Rudra in the lower market in another playground op. In the past, the police had raided the search for him, but he escaped towards Jamshedpur via Bundu-Tamaad. Her network has girls from many other states, including Kolkata.

She used to call girls from outside and run a sex racket in the capital. In recent times, the Lower Bazar police and the Sportsgaon Police have arrested some of Rudra’s associates and sent them to jail.

Data Source: Prabhat Khabar

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