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India’s victory in the victory of Modi, Prime Minister’s Roadshow in Ranchi
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India’s victory in the victory of Modi, Prime Minister’s Roadshow in Ranchi 

In the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made history in Ranchi on Tuesday. He became the first Prime Minister of Independent India, who made a road show in Ranchi. During his roadshow, people were very restrained and accepted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s greetings. The people of Ranchi were laying flowers on the path of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was gaudy after seeing the crowd on the road. The Prime Minister was greeted by people in the open jeep, and people on Twitter were making their admiration in praise. Were expressing their emotions. A user on Twitter wrote, ‘The victory of the country in your victory‘.

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das was walking on foot in front of Modi’s convoy. He was shaking hands and greeting people. On Twitter, Shashank Dev Singh wrote to the Prime Minister, ‘The victory of the country in your victory‘. People wrote many things in praise of Modi. Someone wrote, ‘Namo, Namo‘. One person wrote, ‘Namo Namah. Then once Namo. ‘A user wrote,’ It is possible if Modi is.’

People just do not stop here One user wrote, “All this is possible because it is possible, if Modi is, then it is possible. Therefore, let’s make Modi government again and make the country advanced. “One user wrote, ‘Namo Again‘. His good point was written, ‘Great Victory Again‘, ‘Namo Again‘ People are being written ‘Har Har Modi‘, ‘Modi Modi Modi‘, ‘Once Again Modi Government At Ranchi‘.

From Suresh’s tweet it seems that he is very proud of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ranchi arrival. He wrote, “First time a PM road show at Ranchi Hour city” means that for the first time, the Prime Minister’s Road Show in our city Ranchi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy gradually turned towards Birsa Chowk. Prime Minister’s road show was broadcast live on the Twitter handle of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The people of Ranchi were desperate to get a glimpse of Modi. People were constantly giving feedback on Twitter.

It is to be mentioned that on April 29, the three Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand (Palamu, Chatra and Lohardaga) have to be voted. The Prime Minister will go to the public on April 24 (Wednesday) in the Lohardaga parliamentary constituency. After landing at Ranchi Airport, he did road shows from Birsa Munda Airport to Birsa Chowk via Hinoo Chowk. A large crowd of people on the road to the Prime Minister’s road show was upset.

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