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In the news of 50 rupees were less, The minister said – It would have better to pay rather than publishing news

In the news of 50 rupees were less, The minister said – It would have better to pay rather than publishing news 

In Jharkhand, there are new instances of the loss of health facilities everyday. Tomorrow, an innocent person lives in RIMS only because he had less than 50 rupees. It is being told that doctors had advised children to get CT scans. Due to lack of 50 rupees for the father, a year’s Shayam’s CT scan was not possible. Because of this, his treatment could not be started. The fatherless father Santosh Kumar kept going around the house to save his child. But he could not save his innocent child. After all, Shayam died due to lack of proper treatment. The event is Sunday. When the health minister asked this question about the incident, he replied – The newsmen should give 50 rupees to donate so that their treatment could be possible.

Shayam’s father Santosh Kumar is a resident of Mausibari of Jagannathpur. Runs a rickshaw in some way runs his family life. It is said that Santosh’s one-year-old son Shayam was dropped from the roof of the house while playing. Her head was also hurt. The kin were first taken to a doctor nearby. Because he was not well, he reached RIMS on Sunday. Shayam was shown to the doctor in RIM’s Infant Emergency. The doctor advised Shayam’s CT scan. After this, the family members reached the cash counter to get the whistle scan scan. But due to lack of 50 rupees, he could not be examined.

On 18th August, a year of recruitment in Gumla Sadar Hospital died on the lap of the mother of Bifaaya. He was referred to RIMS. But he did not have the money to bring Ranchi, he was going home on foot with the child. Karan Singh, a resident of Mamrala village, died of malaria and typhoid due to not receiving medicines at Gumla Sadar Hospital on August 06. If the ambulance was not found, then the body was loaded on the shoulder and taken home.

There is no such information as there is no CT scan due to low money, the child may not have died due to not having a CT scan or there may be other reasons, I will get the information on Monday. If the negligence comes out, strict action will be taken against the responsible doctor or employee.

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