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In Jharkhand, nothing was found in 10 years, there was a prejudice of system and victim of nepotism.

In Jharkhand, nothing was found in 10 years, there was a prejudice of system and victim of nepotism. 

Rakesh Bansal, IPS officer of Jharkhand Cadre, has gone on central deputation for five years after staying in Jharkhand for 10 years. His wife Meghna Bansal, while leaving Jharkhand, raised a big question on the state’s system. They wrote on their Facebook postthe state’s system has partnered with us. Betrayal also happened. She has written his 10 years experiences in Jharkhand with gestures. The question arises after this post whether our system is as bad as the Facebook post of the IPS wife. On this post of Meghna, the Chief Minister’s Principal Secretary Sanjay Kumar wrote that I am sad to read the post. This will be offset soon.

Jharkhand cannot change, Jharkhand has changed us

Meghna has posted in English. It is written – Our journey to Jharkhand began in 2007 with many dreams, determination and principles. With such ideology and belief that we can bring some positive changes in the lives of the people here. With this thought we started to do good work with hard work. Our work was speaking itself. We won the heart of people by giving personal sacrifices of personal life. Even nobody thought about my loneliness. We were changing our child’s school every year. Without worrying about the sacrifices, we continued to work with full peace.

By thinking that God has sent us to do something better. But, the time has come when we can understand that whatever is thinking, does not apply to the bad system here. We definitely lost our enthusiasm, but the hope was sustained. After 10 years, that day came when we lost our hope too. Our dignity has collapsed. The system had to face prejudiced decisions and nepotism. We are stupid that no one even raised voice for us. We started to feel that the precious time we spent here was not of any work. And when we are leaving Jharkhand we have completely changed. Those who came with faith had come to Jharkhand, they had changed. We were also carrying such many memories together. Throughout our journey, we could not make a difference in Jharkhand, but Jharkhand had definitely changed us.

Replied on this post by Sanjay Kumar, former Principal Secretary of CM

Hello Meghna, Maybe you do not know me, but Rakesh knows. I am sad because of your post. The sad experience you have with you is also hurt. I can only say that this time will pass. But Jharkhand should change you, do not let it happen. Be wherever you are, be happy. The long journey for both of you is in front. I can say that it will be compensated soon and it will be all right.

Husband said, this is Meghna’s personal idea

Rakesh Bansal said – I am busy shifting now. Meghna’s post is her personal idea. Well I have no information about their Facebook post. They should talk to them on this. Any post on Facebook is the person’s personal post. Her personal case is.

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