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I am not in the race for CM, Party will decide the CM: Sudarshan Bhagat

I am not in the race for CM, Party will decide the CM: Sudarshan Bhagat 

Between the political turmoil in Jharkhand state, Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Sudarshan Bhagat has said that I am not in the race for the Chief Minister of Jharkhand state. If it is a matter of leadership change then this party will decide. Who has to make CM or not? I can not comment much on this. Sudarshan Bhagat was talking to journalists at the Circuit House on Saturday. On the issue of boycott of votes by the villagers due to non-development of Kurumgarh and Tussgaaon region, the minister said that the public is free to keep anything in the democracy. The public’s public apology. Administration should remove those resentments. Where the development has not happened.

The administration will work towards development of those areas. The problems of the public must be overcome. Being MP and minister, what will happen from me I will do my best to develop the village. On neglecting the Kurumgarh area, Mr. Bhagat said that Kurumgarh is in special packet. This area will be developed. The work is going on for this. There will be changes very soon. He said that the government is working. People are also getting the benefit of development schemes. Regarding the bad effects of ultrasound in Gumla Sadar Hospital, he said that efforts are made in this regard to ensure that ultrasound is started soon. On the railway line said that efforts are being made for this. We will endeavor to open Medical College in Gumla District. Thereby benefiting from opening of medical colleges in district, Lohardaga, Latehar, Simdega and Ranchi in Gumla. On the occasion, former MLA Kamlesh Oraon, MP representative Bhola Chaudhary, Savindra Singh, Yashwant Singh, Kaushendra Jamuwar, Sanjay Sahu and Savitri Mehta were many people.

Minister Sudarshan Bhagat said that the government has presented the budget. This is the best budget of the whole country. There is more focus on the village, the poor and the farmers. There is a budget of six thousand crores. The Eklavya Yojana of our Ministry is. The chests living in far away drawers will benefit from this. Tribal children have to provide good quality education. Talking about agriculture, our tribes will benefit. Eklavya School will run on the lines of Navodaya School. Where the tribal is more than 50 percent. Eklavya School will open there. School will open till 2022. The Government of India has resolved that by 2022 the income of the farmers is doubled.

The government is trying to develop small and medium farmers. This move of the government will benefit the farmers. The support price of farmers’ yield has been increased one and a half times. Road is being built under the PM road scheme. In the PM Crop Insurance Scheme, the sum insured has doubled. The amount of premium has been reduced. Government has started Govardhan Yojana. The government is working to give benefits to the healthcare facility. India has started this very big scheme in the country.

In 528 districts, vaccine has been put under the rainbow scheme. There is a talk of opening a medical college in our state. This will benefit our state. There are 24 medical colleges in the country to be opened. The government has taken note of the plans for health from Wealth. This budget will benefit from eradicating poverty. Senior civic attention has been given. The development of women is the focus. The important plan is being implemented by the Government of India. Its benefits are getting people.

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