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Hostage police, street jammers protest against the arrest of gangster

In protest against the arrest of Durga Munda, the villagers of Bada Baru surrounded the police station and during this time the police remained in the police station.

The villagers jammed the peg-tram path before about six o’clock on Wednesday morning. The police’s armored vehicle also stopped. After the Maan-Manauwal of police officials, eight hours after the end. The villagers said that Durga is innocent.

On March 25, Durga Munda resident of Bada Baru village, there are allegations of beating and mortgage of those involved in Ramnavami procession (March 25) in Sonpur village. The police arrested him from the house on Wednesday morning.

As soon as the news of his arrest came, villagers blocked the road. After that a meeting was called in the village, which lasted all day. At four o’clock in the evening villagers surrounded the police station. The women sat in front of the police gate.

About a half and a half hours after the magistrate and police officials explained, the villagers handed over the memorandum to the governor, demanding immediate release of Durga Munda. The police officers who arrested the innocent Durga have been asked to take action.

Tense atmosphere throughout the day
Due to the arrest of Durga Munda from Bada Baru, there was an atmosphere of tension throughout the day. The villagers jammed the peg-tram path in the morning. Due to lack of vehicles, people had to move towards their destination on foot.

What is the case?
During Ramnavmi procession in Sonpur village of Adki Thana area, there was a clash between people involved in the procession and local villagers. According to the police, those who had a clash with them were the people of Pathalgadi.

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