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Here enemy is not the cause of fear but the snow is – Kuldeep Lakra

Three soldiers of Jharkhand were martyred on Friday by suppressing snow in Kargil. On Monday, the body of two soldiers was brought to Ranchi. The tribute was given to him here and then his body was sent to ancestral village. One of the martyr soldiers, Kuldeep Lakra, often used to say to his mother that he does not fear enemies, but there is a lot of snowfall here.

Kuldeep Lakra was engaged to Lapung’s maiden in December. On 4th April the fiancée said on the phone that they will marry next month. Let’s say that there was an avalanche on Thursday in the Batalik sector. Ice rock falls on the army post. Five men were buried under the ice, two of which were escaped.

All the three martyrs are from Jharkhand – Separate Kuldeep Lakra of Bisakhtanga village of Mandar, Hawaldar Prabhu Sahay Tirki of Semara village of Itki and Lance Naik Bihari Marandi resident of Ramanathapur village of Pakur. The body of Prabhu Sahay Tirkey and Kuldeep Lakra reached Ranchi. At the same time, the body of the martyr martyr of Pacud, Bihari Marandi, reached Delhi via Delhi from Pakkud.


Kuldeep’s mother, Gormi Kuzur, says that her son was a fable. Often used to say that he is not afraid of enemies, but snowfall in Kargil is quite large. She says that Kuldeep used to mention the sliding in the snow. Ultimately, the snow snatched his only son. Kuldeep’s entire responsibility of the house was on the shoulder. The money was spent on the salary of his home, father loaded the loan’s installment. Mother says that Kuldeep was fast in reading, he wanted to become an officer in the army, but due to not being in good condition of the Mali, he failed to become a soldier. Big sister Salin said, Kuldeep used to say that you will become a good teacher. I got admitted to BEd College. My teacher went ahead before I became a teacher.

Prabhu Sahay Tirkey’s family lives in Itki. Wife Sucheta said, she used to say that while protecting the country, life will go away, not gum. He would kill them in the snow, there was no such fear. Prabhu Marandi, elder brother of Bihari Marandi, says that in December she had come home last time. Both older brothers are in CISF. Inspired by this, he decided to go to the army and joined the army in 2002. On Thursday night, he got the news of the younger brother’s martyrdom.

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