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Here are millions of bets involved in the rooster fight, reward for winning 5 tola gold and LCD

The look of Makar Sankranti and Tusu Parva was being seen on Sunday. The ‘Rooster Fight‘ (Cock Fight) is a special attraction among people in the Tusu Mela in Bhadyandih. Former Geo-Revenue Minister and senior Congress leader Dulal Bhuiyan was its organizer. Millions of rupees were at stake in the fight for cock. Prior to the fight, Bhuiyan announced that the owner of a chicken who lost his poultry ‘electricity’ and ‘current’ would be given five gold rings of five tola and an LCD.

The former minister claimed that he would overcome power and current opponents. Until 5 pm, nobody came to fight against the chickens of Dulal Bhuiyan.

At the last moment of the fair, Vinod Mahato of Rajnagar was torched by the torch of Dulal Bhuiyan to lighten his cock and Rajesh Gorai’s resident of Musabani resident. In this, the chickens of roast chickens lost their necks.

Dulal said, in a program on January 16, Vinod will be given a gold ring and Rajesh’s LCD gift.

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Written by Baidyanath

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