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Gumla police left the body in open, dogs were eating the body

Gumla police left the body in open, dogs were eating the body 

Shameful!! In Jharkhand, the case of negligence of government employees is not taking place. Especially in government hospitals, If the ambulance is not available for carrying the dead body, then the dead body is not given place in the post-mortem house. There has been an incident of shame in humanity once again in Gumla. In the road accident, the body of the deceased was covered by a paper outside the post mortem house. The dead body was lying for six hours.

In the unclaimed condition, the dogs started digging the body and then the attention of the hospital staff went towards it. Then around 12 o’clock in the night, the bodies were placed inside the post-mortem room. The deceased youth has been identified as Bhaiyyam Uran (16). The body was identified by his elder brother Sanjay Oraon. Regarding the incident, Sanjay has lodged a case against unknown vehicle in the police station.

It is being told that on Wednesday evening, a person died in a road accident near the airport. The incident was reported to the police. The police reached the post-mortem house at around 6 pm in the evening. At that time there was no one in the post-mortem house. The police took off the body and wrapped the paper outside the post-mortem house and left from there.

At 12 o’clock at the hospital, an employee of the hospital reached the post-mortem house after hearing the barking of dogs. He saw that there is a dead body, which dogs are nicotine. After this he arranged to keep the body inside the post-mortem house.

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