There is an old age ashram in Silam Valley, four km from Gumla, Jharkhand. The building is ready with one crore rupees. But, bushes have grown in this new building. October 1 is International Older’s Day. Therefore it is necessary to mention that Gumla also has an old age ashram. But, this old age ashram itself is getting old and helpless. The ashram has not even started, but it is starting to get dilapidated. When will the Ashram start? It cannot be said.

Social Welfare Department, Gumla has said that old age ashram will be started by January of the year 2022. There are 88 beds in the old age ashram. At present, there is a plan to keep female elders here, but the Gumla administration has made a proposal that 44 female and 44 male elders can be kept here.

The Government of India has made a plan to give old age homes to NGOs (Voluntary Organization). So far 18 NGOs have filled the online application for the old age home, but which NGO will be given to run the old age home. It has not been selected. Probably the NGO will be selected by the last days of November. Apart from Jharkhand, NGOs from other states have also filled online applications to run old age homes.

The operation of old age ashram will be started from Deendayal Upadhyaya Yojana. However, this area is under Rurban Mission. According to the administration, the construction work of the old age ashram building was started in the year 2013, but the building division department Gumla took 8 years to build the old age ashram building. On January 2021, the building division has handed over the building of the old age ashram to the social welfare department.

Old women harassed, evicted from home or childless are still kept in Nari Niketan, Silam. According to the Social Welfare Department, if an old man is found from somewhere, then he is given all kinds of facilities by keeping him in Nari Niketan. As soon as the old age home will start. Old people will be kept there. There is no bed in the old age ashram yet. According to the department, Rs 5 lakh has been given to the special division Gumla to buy the equipment. The special division has been asked to immediately take out the tender for the equipment and restore the beds and other facilities in the old age ashram.

In this regard, Gumla’s DSWO Sita Pushpa said that a proposal of 50 women and 50 men was sent to the government. In which the Government of India has approved the proposal to keep 88 old women. The building is done. The special division has been asked to buy the equipment. As soon as the NGO will be selected by the Government of India to run the old age home. After a few days the ashram will be started.