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Guidelines for setting up of Sarhul festival

Guidelines for setting up of Sarhul festival 

The Central Sarna Samiti visited various Sarna sites with the preparations for Sirhul. The committee issued instructions on preparations that groups of Ranchi and surrounding villages (Khodaha) reached their central place of worship at Siromoli with their banners.

Union Sarna Committee chairman Ajay Tirkey said that all celebrate their own area, but you can show their unity by depositing in central Sarna site. This will create our identity from state to national level. Through our unity, we will be able to fulfill the other demands, including joining Sirhul in the major festivals of the nation. The tourists who visited the Sarna sites included Secretary General of the Committee Santosh Tirkey, Treasurer Sandeep Tirkey, Narayan Uraon, Champa Kuzur and others.

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