Futkal whose scientific name is Ficus Geniculata. It is a very useful and famous tree found everywhere in Jharkhand. Its tender leaves, buds (leprosy in the local language) are plucked in the autumn season.

Food dishes are prepared from fresh shoots of futkal, but if they are dried and preserved, they are useful throughout the year. What to say about Futkal Saag Ke Maad Jhor, it is a wonderful desi dish. Its chutney is also very tasty. It is crushed and made into powder or powder, which is also added to the curry vegetable for a special taste. Futkal pickle is also a special dish of Jharkhand.

Talking about its properties, Futkal is a very good source of calcium, iron, zinc and fiber i.e. roughage. According to elders, futkal are very useful for strengthening teeth, bones and increasing blood. At the same time, Futkal is also very effective as a home remedy in the treatment of diarrhea, vomiting, dysentery and torsion.

At one time only tribals used to eat it, but now those who know its taste also consume it.