On the naming of the chowk near Piska More in the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi, hundreds of tribals blocked the road and furiously broke into the hundreds. Many vehicles have been stone-pelted. The police, who reached the spot, tried to control the crowd. In spite of this, its people are making a ruckus, in such cases the police had to make a light sticker.

On Sunday, the group of tribals changed the name of Piska Mode Chowk to Late Kartik Oraon Chowk. The district administration overthrew the Pathlegda with the help of JCB on Tuesday. With this action, the groups of fierce tribals jammed the Piska Mode today.

Central sarna committee, Tribal student association, Aboriginal women and tribal women, who reached hundreds of tribal groups, led the crowd and made stone-throwing. Many vehicles have been damaged in stone carving. A PCR van of the police has also suffered loss. City SP Teen Skills has appealed to people to take peace. He said that adequate police force has been deployed. More police forces will be sent according to the requirement.

The people who are rioting have broken into many trains. The route has been completely jammed. People are demanding commotion, that the district administration should again step down and named the square as Late Kartik Oraon Chowk.


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