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Father said CBI probe, Friends said she did not like friendship with unknown person
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Father said CBI probe, Friends said she did not like friendship with unknown person 

In the case of Ikshita Singh’s death in a coaching institution in Ranchi, his father, Sanjay Singh, made a press conference here on Thursday to make serious allegations against the Ranchi police. Her father said that he lodged an FIR against the coaching instructor in the death case of his daughter and the police is roaming around him in his jeep. He said that his daughter did not commit suicide, but she was murdered.

He said that the CCTV footage is being shown that his daughter is being taken to the rims at 9.12 pm on the day of the incident, then there is a medical certificate at 9.10 PM.

Ikshita Singh’s father Sanjay Singh said that a CBI inquiry into the death of his daughter should be done, otherwise the whole family will be self-defeating. On the other hand, Maneesh Agarwal, friend of the want, was brought to Ranchi today. She has told me that my friendship was with another girl whom she did not like.

According to our Gadhwa representative, The deceased’s Grandfather, Kameshwar Singh and Grandmother Koshila Devi, have said that Ranchi police is arresting the case by arresting Manish. Why is not the real culprit hostel’s driver and the guard arrested? The right thing can be seen from both of them. The deceased’s grandmother Kshla Debi said that there were three more girls in the room of the wish. Grandfather-Grandmother alleges that under the conspiracy she has been killed by sending them three more.

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