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Every girls wants to become a footballer here in Ranchi

The craze of football in village-village in Oramanjhi Block of Ranchi is at peak. But not in boys but in girls. The little girl of five to six years also dreams of becoming a big footballer. These small girls from poor families of the villages play football very well, along with sparring English also speaks. That too in American accent They also have a lot of interest in studies with sports. All this has been possible by a little dream. An educated young man who lived in Minnesota, USA, was not seen in Ranchi. French Gaslor, educated at Harvard University, came to India to realize this dream. He established the team youth to educate the girls of the backward rural areas to educate and empower soccer excuses. Today the team is making names in the country and abroad.

In almost every village of Oramanjhi Block, daughters are emerging as the best footballers today. On behalf of the young organization, the Girls Football Academy, set up in Hutup village near Rooka adjacent to Ranchi, is providing free training to them. The Young Girl’s football team had secured third place in the Under-14 Football Championship Gastiz Cup held in Spain in 2013. Fame was fame in the country and abroad. Since then, the dream of every daughter of the area is just to be part of this team. Today, more than 300 daughters of Ormanjhi block are taking training in the academy. All of these girls are from poor tribal families.

French Gaslor from Minnesota, USA, came to Ranchi in 2009. Gaslor, who graduated from Harvard University, selected Oramanjhi, adjacent to the capital. The difficulty is to create an under-13 football team by adding girls from some tribal families. The girls started training. They also motivated them to move forward in studies. Gaslor began teaching them to speak English. Slowly the people of the surrounding areas are also aware of the awakened confidence in the girls. At the same time, the Young Girl’s football team started writing a new success story.

Buses arrive at various villages every day at 4.30 am by the youth institution. Players through the buses are brought to the ground. Here 18 teams take training in 18 different places. Training session runs by 7 o’clock. After that everyone is sent to school. Evening in the evening is practiced one hour.

America has also gone to train girls’ team. He participated in a training camp held in Washington, DC last year. Where famous American footballer Joanna Lohman and England’s Leanne Sanderson trained them.

Gaslorjourney was not easy. Parents thought that this is also the method of conversion. Parents did not allow daughters to play football. Gaslor remained suspicious. But gradually the truth itself appeared itself and the suspicions of the people disappeared.

The Young Girl’s football team has created the identity in the whole world. This is the story of his lofty fame. Girls of tribal society are fast moving forward on the world scene. This is all possible due to his hard work and dedication.

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