Gangutoli resident Binod Saw, admitted for the last four days in the male ward of Sadar Hospital Simdega, climbed the balcony of the first window on Wednesday morning and threatened to jump from there. During this time, there was an atmosphere of chaos in Sadar Hospital Simdega. Police and fire brigade teams arrived on notice of the incident. After about an hour and a half of effort, hospital worker Mohammad Azim along with fire brigade brought down Binod with a rope.

Family members of the young man who climbed the balcony said that he was addicted to alcohol. He had given up alcohol for the last few days. Due to this his mental condition has deteriorated slightly and he became very weak and ill. So the family admitted him to the male ward of the Sadar Hospital Simdega. He was also offered blood last night.

Family members said that Binod started a commotion in the hospital at night. On this, the family members threatened to call the police, and then it became quiet at that time. But in the morning, with the help of bamboo, he climbed on the window balcony and jumped from there and started threatening the suicide.

Here, the Sadar Hospital worker, Md. Azim boldly brought down Binod somehow along with the fire brigade. Md. Azim With the help of rope, Binod managed to reach terrace of Sadar Hospital of with great difficulty. This effort of Azim has been widely appreciated by fire personnel, policemen and present people.

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