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Don’t dare to break traffic rules in Ranchi, The automatic number plate reader are soon be installed
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Don’t dare to break traffic rules in Ranchi, The automatic number plate reader are soon be installed 

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said that there is a need to work in planning to improve the traffic system. Whatever plans you make, apply it strictly. Make more public participation, only then we can make the city free from dirt and jam free. Separate meetings with shoppers, auto and e-rickshaw drivers. Explain to all that this is their city, they have an important role in making it clean and free of jam. Chief Minister Raghuvar Das was meeting in the Jharkhand Ministry on the issue of traffic and sanitation of the capital.

The Chief Minister instructed the officers to set up automatic number plate reader (ANPR) system on the main chowk-chowrahas so that the vehicle number of law breakers came from themselves. Ranchi Railway Station instructed to add traffic to the road station from Doranda to a road station to reduce traffic. This will not make the people of that area move to the station.

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said that there should not be a uniform outside the shop. Firstly warn those who keep the same out of the store. Still do not believe, take legal action. Similarly, call auto and e-rickshaw drivers and explain why they do not stop and apply. Even after not accepting it, then seize the vehicle. Parallel to this, make Police Incharge and traffic police responsible for that area. In the same area, if the vehicle is in the same way or if the vehicle is auto-e-rickshaw, then they will be sacked directly. Reward those who do good, reward them Keep all the square squares of the capital empty.

There should not be any tricks or no vehicles there. This will also cause traffic smoothes. Traffic worker posted there will be guilty on all major check-chairs of the city including Kishori Singh Yadav Check, Kantoli Check, Lalpur Chowk. Take strong action on that. The Chief Minister said that life is very precious. News of children’s death occurred in two-wheeler road accidents. The whole family gets ruined by death. Children run without helmets fast without enthusiasm. Many times they hurt other people with them too. Strictly apply wearing helmets on two-wheelers. No two-wheeler vehicle without ring helmets, even on the ring road and highway.

In the day, on the ring road and highway, people should go to the headlights of the vehicles. Seat belts are also important. It will save human lives in accidents. The rules for the policemen and strictly applicable. If they play without helmets or break the law, then take legal action as well as fine them. Note the big numbers of people who are bullied, their vehicle number, name and mobile number. Directly send invitations at home.

The Chief Minister said that to make cleaners, make them aware of shopkeepers and handicapped people. Instruct the shopkeepers to put dustbin and put them in the same garbage. Instructions should be given to the trash-makers also to put garbage in the fixed place. If you do not, then take legal action at all. Also remove the vegetable market on Morahabadi, Kachari Road etc. from the road to the second place. In the city, for the construction of auto and e-rickshaw stop, plans were made in a week. In the meeting, Urban Development Minister, Shri C.P. Singh, Additional Chief Secretary Mr. Amit Khare, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Deputy Commissioner, Ranchi, Mr. Kuldeep Dwivedi, SSP, Municipal Commissioner Mr. Shantanu Aggarri, Traffic SP Mr. Sanjay Ranjan and other officials were present.

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