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Do not take selfies at dangerous places

Do not take selfies at dangerous places 

Given the picnic season, district administration appeals to tourists..

After being holidays in school-colleges, there has been a rush in the city’s picnic sites. The crowd around the city seems to be the most crowded. People from outside also come to the picnic spot and fall.

In the glee of picnics, sometimes people also carelessly, which causes unpleasant incidents. Deaths have also taken place while taking shelf life after taking selfies. Taking this seriously, the Ranchi district administration has decided to take the help of local people at picnic sites.

In view of a crowd of picnic spots in the new year, the district administration has decided that tourists’ friends will be deployed at picnic sites. People do not take shelter by going to dangerous places and do not go to a bath in a drowning area. For this, these areas will be monitored. It has also been ordered to surround the hazardous sites with a red ribbon.

The administration has appealed to the common people to take care of the depth of the fall and the dam and do not take self-confidence by going to a dangerous place. Events occurring in Jonha, Hundru and Dasam Fall: Incidents of death due to drowning in water are highest in the districts of Jonha, Hundru and Dasam Fall. The highest deaths are in Dasam Fall. After the water falls from the waterfall, the depth of the river is changed every little distance. This is due to the high incidence of drowning.

According to the plan prepared by the district administration, people around the fall will be deployed at the picnic spot. These people will suggest suggestions to the picnics. People will refuse to go to the dangerous site. The Deputy Commissioner also directed the CO-BDO of the concerned area to set up a warning board. The board has been asked to put it in such a place where all can easily see.

Do not let the children get dams, doves, ponds, do not stop bathing in ponds and rivers. Be cautious during dams, ponds, picnic along the river, stay in the group and keep an eye on each other.

Do not go to dangerous dams, ponds and river valleys, and do not take bath in high places, dunes from the dunes in water. Dam, keep in mind the depth while swimming in the pond, know the swim, then only get into the river, ponds. Save the drowning person with the help of dhoti, sari, rope or bamboo.

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