Dhurwa Dam is a water reservoir located along the Ring Road of Ranchi. Dhurwa Dam is constructed across River Subarnarekha. It is also known as Hatia dam.

Dhurwa Dam is one of the big reservoirs near the city, built for supply of pipeline water to Ranchi. Not only does it fulfills the drinking water requirements of the people of Ranchi but it also serves as a source for generating hydro power.

Dhurwa Dam is a perfect vacation spot for a exceptional time together with your family and friends. There are no entry fees and the Dhurwa Dam remains open throughout the year. Enjoy the sights of this popular vacationer spot. With a lot to entice your senses and provide you undertaking at its exceptional, get drenched in the spirit of journey that you get to discover at Dhurwa Dam, Ranchi.

Enjoy collectively all of the points of famous pastimes and convey back several memorable moments. Dhurwa dam, Ranchi isn’t always just the location for sightseeing, but it additionally enables you to scouse borrow a self-indulgent second for your self as nicely.

Jharkhand Judicial Academy is located just beside the dam. With an adjacent garden nearby, it is easily one of the most picturesque spots found in Ranchi. The entire region is landscaped and lush greenery surrounds it.