On Saturday night, three brothers used to sit poisonous liquor at Hurhuriya Gadhatoli village in Gumla Sadar police station, and Kartik Oraon (35) died due to drinking poisonous liquor late in the night. While the situation of two cousins, Dawru Oraon and Budharam Oraon, is fragile. Both of them were admitted to Gumla Sadar Hospital on Sunday morning. But due to poor condition, both of them were referred to Ranchi Rims after primary treatment in Gumla Hospital. It is being told that more chemical was mixed in the Mahua liquor. Due to which the alcohol became poisonous.

The brother of the deceased Sumit Oraon said that Kartik Oraon had made Mahua liquor in his house. Dawru Oraon and Budharam Oraon reached the house of Kartik to drink the festival. In the evening, all the three drunk together alcohol. Kartik had drank the most. Therefore, the effect of poison was more on that. After ten o’clock at night, the situation of the three became worse. Suddenly, at 12 o’clock, Kartik died. The situation of Dawru Oraon and Budharam Oraon was spoiled at night. But no one got the car to bring the hospital to the night. So both of them were brought to the hospital in the morning.


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