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Dangerous robbery of Rs 4.29 lakh from Punjab National Bank’s Bukru branch
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Dangerous robbery of Rs 4.29 lakh from Punjab National Bank’s Bukru branch 

In the Bukru Chowk, located at RanchiPatratu main road, five armed dacoits made a gruesome robbery at around 12.30 am on Thursday afternoon in Punjab National Bank’s Bukru branch. The robbery of Rs 4 lakh 29 thousand 75 was taken in possession of cashier and officer of the bank. DSP Amit Kachhap, Police Inspector Rajiv Ranjan, Gonda Station Inspector AK Dwivedi, Inspector AK Singh reached the bank and started investigation.

Bank workers and branch manager, Subhagini Kumari told that in the number of five, the youth of 25 to 30 years came waving revolvers in their hands and took the possession of the revolver in front of the cleaning worker Ranjit Mahli. After this, a youth came to the counter and looted cash worth of cash on the counter of the cashier Piyush Khalkho. After this he took possession of the tax officer Subhash in possession. Both the youths also beat up with Subhash. Lovers opened on the counter and opened the locker of the Strong Room and took all the cash Rs 4 lakh 29 thousand 75 rupees.

The criminals closed all six bank employees in the staff room at the time of going. Before that all took away the mobile. Events lasted for about 10 minutes. At the time of the trip, the mobile was thrown at all in the bank. The staff said that we all broke the door after about 20 minutes and got out and informed the Kanke police station including the bank officials.

A mobster was wearing Hamlet. The face of the four was open. Both dacoit shirts and T-shirts were worn. Talking together in Hindi The five had arms. At the time of the robbery, the CCTV camera and DVR in the bank were taken along. At the time of the incident, there were six customers in the bank, they were also locked in dacoits in the staff room. Receiving the information, several bank officials, including board chief of the bank Praveen Kumar Jain, sub-divisional head SK Kukreja, security officer deputy commandant Deepak Ram, reached the bank and inquired about the incident.

DSP Amit Kachchap said that the dacoit had come from the bike and fled to Kanke after robbing the bank. At the time of the incident there was no security guard in the bank nor was the guard of the police. Police administration is investigating. The culprit will soon be in the custody of the police. The bank’s divisional head Praveen Kumar Jain informed that the information has been taken. There was no security guard in this bank. Police patrols used to visit the bank from time to time, even then this incident happened.

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