The six-day campaign started on Saturday to increase the pace of corona vaccination in the state has been successful on the first day. In almost all the districts, people flocked to the Panchayat buildings to get the vaccine. Thousands of elderly, sick and government employees got the corona vaccinated in various districts of the state. The elderly have the highest number of them. Till the news was written, reports of vaccination were being called from all the districts.

To make this six-day campaign a success and to ensure that there is no negligence in vaccination, Panchayats from officials to ministers visited on Saturday. Health Minister Banna Gupta conducted a surprise inspection of the ongoing Covid vaccination at the old Sadar Hospital in Ramgarh. In this sequence, he instructed the officers to fix the system there. The elders were asked to make special arrangements to ensure that there is no problem in vaccination.

In order to provide convenience to the people, they were asked to set up tents, seating and drinking water arrangements. At the same time, Ravi Shankar Shukla, Campaign Director of National Health Campaign, Jharkhand, inspected the vaccination centers of Churchu and Tati Panchayat of Hazaribagh. During this time, he inquired about the facilities of vaccination from the beneficiaries taking the vaccine. Health Department officials and National Health Campaign, Jharkhand’s consultants, coordinators and other personnel from all over the state visited the vaccination centers built in the Panchayat buildings of their respective districts.

Health department officials also held a meeting with civil surgeons in the districts to discuss the success of the campaign. The biggest thing is that apart from Health Department, officials and personnel of Rural Development Department, Women and Child Welfare Department, Home Department are also supporting in this campaign. Explain that this campaign will run from March 20 and 21 in the first phase, March 23 to 24 in the second phase, March 26 to 27 in the third phase. In this campaign, corona vaccination is to be done in the panchayat buildings of all the districts. It has targeted to vaccinate corona vaccine to one million people.

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