Congress set up camp in blocks of 21 districts, so many complaints related to land dispute in Jharkhand coming daily.

The State Congress Committee has taken initiative to solve the problems related to land dispute in Jharkhand of the common people. Applications are being made for complaints about the land of the public by setting up camps in the blocks. Camps have been organized in the blocks of 21 districts of the state by the State Congress Committee. In this, from 50 to 100 complaints are being received pertaining to land dispute in Jharkhand every day.

Sanjay Lal Paswan, in-charge of the committee set up to resolve the land dispute, said that camps have been organized on behalf of the committee in other districts except Garhwa, Simdega and Godda district. A meeting has been held with officials in these three districts also. Soon, an initiative will be taken to address the grievances of the people by setting up camps here.

He informed that on behalf of State President Dr. Rameshwar Oraon, supervisors have been appointed in all the districts for monitoring these matters. Regarding the complaints coming from the blocks, the block president will try to resolve with the CO. Problems that will not be solved will be kept with the Deputy Commissioner through the District President. Problems which will not be resolved at both these levels, will be put before the LRDC through State President Dr. Rameshwar Oraon.

Initiative will also be taken to resolve these matters. State Congress President Dr. Rameshwar Oraon has taken initiative to solve the problems related to land in the state, so that people do not have to visit the Zonal Office. Even after the papers are correct, people have to unnecessarily visit the offices.

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