On 24th October, Chhath Maha Parva is being started with the Nahaay Khaay. Thousands of pilgrims will visit their village on Dhanbad from the festival, but this year there may be many problems in going to the village. Due to more than half-a-dozen trains going to Bihar, the DC rail line has been received from June 15. On October 18, Dhanbad-Sitamarhi Chhath Special Train (03327) was announced and its reservation was started after the afternoon of 19 October. After that on Friday morning, all the seats reserved for all the reserved bogie, sleeper-AC class were reserved from that train and the waiting started getting started. This train will depart from Dhanbad to Sitamarhi on October 21.

Ganga-Damodar Express (13329), Dhanbad-Patna Intercity (13331) Both of these trains were filled with Dhanbad and went to Patna along with Bhaya-Jhaza. These two trains are waiting from October 22 to 25, more than 100 in sleeper class and more than 20 in AC. The Ranchi-Gorakhpur Maurya Express (15027) runs via Dhanbad. From this train, hundreds of devotees from Dhanbad travel to Bihar and Gorakhpur, but there is also a long wait in this train from October 22 to 26.

After the shutdown of the DC rail line on June 15, many trains from Dhanbad to Bihar were snatched. In this case, Sitamarhi special is being run. The people of Dhanbad have demanded that this train should be run on October 22 and 23 along with Dhanbad for Sitamarhi on October 21, so that more and more passengers can go to the village to make Chhath festival.


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