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Clash in two communities about the removal of the shop in Main Road, lathicharges in the Ekra Mosque street


There is a notice of a clash between the two communities about the removal of the shop near Hanuman temple on the main road. Heavy police force has been deployed at Main Road after the clash. After the notice of the clash, shops of Main Road have been closed. The Daily Market and the Rospa Tower are also closed. After the incident of throwing stones at the police force, the DM spoke to the crowd and appealed to keep peace. There is a tension in the Akra Masjid area of ​​Main Road and police have to lathi charge also. There is news of the use of the police force in the Kadru area. There are also information about the closure of shops in many other areas of the city. At the same time it has been reported that the road leading from Sujata Chowk to Main road has been opened for movement, some time before the administration had stopped this route while carrying out the precaution.

The administration is completely attentive. Trains have been demolished near the Capitol Hill Hotel in Ranchi. The situation is stressful, but in control. The administration has appealed to not focus on rumors. Although news of tension has spread throughout the city, there is no news of any untoward incident from anywhere. Club Road area is completely peaceful. Many schools have informed parents to send their children to school by mailing them.

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