Christmas is seen in different parts of the state including Jharkhands capital, Ranchi. There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm throughout the state for Christmas. A special prayer was organized on the birthday of Lord Jesus on the middle of the night in the cathedral of the state.

christmas festival in jharkhand

From Monday morning, there is a crowd of people in the Christian community to pray in the churches.

Other churches, including Saint Maria Mahagirajaghar, Saint Paul Church, GEL Churches of Ranchi are decorated in a fascinating manner. Cardinal Telescopar P Toppo has also greeted the Statemen with the best wishes of Christmas.

christmas festival in jharkhand

On the birthday of Jesus Christ, the churches have been beautifully decorated with bright stars and colorful lights.

On this occasion, family gathering ceremonies, picnics and banquets are being organized in many places.

Cultural programs, social gatherings and gifts are also being shared on this occasion.

christmas festival in jharkhand


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