China is going to remember 667 Chinese soldiers in the second world war. Their bodies are buried in the graveyard of Ramgarh, 50 km away from Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand. The Chinese government wants it to be developed as a global tourist destination. It is noteworthy that the five-member Chinese Consulate had gone to the graveyard under the leadership of MA Jhang Wu and paid tribute to martyred Chinese soldiers.

He told the administrative officials here that China has made a formal request from the state government to develop the historical cemetery as a tourist destination. Ramgarh Deputy Commissioner Rajeshwari Bi said in this context, the Consul General of China and his crew had to come on Saturday but they reached the scheduled program just a day ago.

Historical Ramgarh Cemetery

Even though there is a dispute between India and China, but there was a time like this. When relations in the two countries were normal. The Chinese soldiers had battalion camps in Ramgarh and during the second world war, about a million Chinese soldiers lived here. The Chinese army came here to help the British army. During the four-year stay, many Chinese soldiers were victims of untimely death and they were buried in Ramgarh.

It was named the China Semitic. The names and posts of soldiers on the tombs are written in Chinese language. There is also a inscription in the cemetery that describes the story of bravery and valor of Chinese soldiers. There is a huge pillar right between the cemetery, which is built in memory of King Chang Kai Shek of Taiwan. There is also a temple of Lord Buddha in the Seminary.

Despite the tension between the two countries, the government gave due respect to the graveyard of Chinese soldiers. The main thing of this cemetery spread over eight acres is that the Chinese culture has been taken care of here. Within the China Cemetery there is a pillar with a height of about 30 feet. Far away from China, buried in the soil of Jharkhand, the family members come to the graves of these soldiers every year.


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