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Child’s death in mother’s womb, The doctor referred Ranchi without doing the operation

Child’s death in mother’s womb, The doctor referred Ranchi without doing the operation 

The negligence of Gumla Sadar Hospital has come up again. A child died in the hospital. Janki Devi of Sijang village of Palkot block died in the womb of her child. With this the situation of the mother became fragile. Doctors operated a mother at Gumla Sadar Hospital and instead of taking her dead child out of the womb, she referred to Ranchi. In the case of carrying Ranchi, mother also died in Mamta vehicle. The husband of the deceased Munna Rai and Saas Sadhan Devi said that Janki first went to Palak Hospital after suffering labor. The doctors there referred the Gumla.

From Ambulance to Palkot, Gumla Hospital reached at 8:00 o’clock in the morning. Investigation delayed. Checked at 9:00 AM o’clock Referred at 9:30 AM. Doctors said that operating here is risk. On this, relatives said that due to delay in taking Ranchi, one can know. Removing dead baby from the womb of the operation mother Gumla hospital take to save the lives of Janaki. But the doctors refused to do the operation and asked to take Ranchi. At 12.30 PM Ranchi, Mamta was carrying the vehicle. After leaving some distance, Janki Devi died in the vehicle.

Is Gumla has the facility of operation?

Gumla Sadar Hospital has the facility of operation. Caesarean female doctor is also. But Janki Devi was not operated in Gumla Hospital. Munna Rai, the husband of the deceased, said that if my wife was taken out of the womb after the operation of her wife in Gumla Hospital, then Janki could have survived.

The hospital’s Deputy Superintendent Dr RN Yadav said that Janki had brought his family nine o’clock. In the course of the investigation, it was found that the child died in the womb only. Junkie was afraid of doing an operation here. So, the woman doctor refused to take the risk and at 11 o’clock, Janki was referred to Ranchi. In the order of carrying Ranchi, at 12 o’clock, Janaki died in the vehicle. There is no mistake of the hospital in Janki’s death.

On the information of Janki’s death, MLA Shivshankar Oraon, Director of Health Department Dr Sumant Mishra, Director Dr. Ramesh Prasad, DC Shravan Sai, DDC Nagendra Kumar Sinha reached the hospital. Check Janki’s death. Officials, with the superintendent, doctor and health personnel, held a meeting in the hospital. Expressing concern over the death of mother and children by negligence of the hospital, he gave strong instructions to improve. The director said that the investigation will be handed over to the higher officials.

Children are constantly being killed due to hospital negligence. It is a gross negligence. There are improvements in this. There is a lack of system. Remove that deficiency from the government.
Shivshankar Oraon, MLA, Gumla

If there is any other deficiency in the hospital, then the hospital funds should overcome those shortcomings. Patients should not have any problem in any situation.
Dr. Sumant Mishra, Head of Director, Health Department

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