After the spread of chikungunya and dengue in the Hindpiri area of ​​the capital Ranchi, the entire municipal corporation has come into action. Health Minister Ramchandra Chandravanshi on Thursday visited the victims in the Hind generation area while the Mayor Asha Lakra convened an emergency meeting. In a meeting held at the Corporation Meeting, the mayor told the ward supervisors in two words, if the drainage was seen or the garbage was spreading along the road, the service of the supervisor would be terminated.

He said that in no case do not allow water logging in 53 wards of the Ranchi city. Prepare the report and give it to the corporation where the problem is arriving. So that arrangements for immediate cleanliness could be ensured. Health Officer Dr Kiran also said in a tone that tour from the entire area continuously since morning. Wherever the problem is showing, remove it immediately.

Deputy Mayor Sanjiv Vijayvargiya, who was present in the meeting, said that Essel Infra Company is looking after the cleaning work in 33 wards of the Ranchi city. But the house is not getting garbage. Mosquitoes are being created due to waste deposited in place. He also instructed the company to improve. Instructed to take action on the company not changing the situation.


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