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Chief Minister Raghuvar at Rathmela in Jagannathpur, Ranchi

Chief Minister Raghuvar at Rathmela in Jagannathpur, Ranchi 

Chief Minister Raghuvar Das also participated in the historic Rathmela program of Jagannathpur and practiced worship ceremonyAddressing the devotees present after the worship of Lord Jagannath, Bhai Balabhadra and sister Subhadra, they wished the progress and prosperity of the state and the third and a half million people. The Chief Minister said that Lord Jagannath would bless his devotees

He said that Bhagwan Jagannath has wished him prosperity and prosperity in the lives of poor, farmer, backward and deprived people. Also, in the coming years, it will pray to Lord Jagannath to get the new height of Jharkhand developmentIt is worship of peace and unity in the state of peace and unity. 

The Chief Minister said that Rath Mela is the untouched confluence of devotion and unity. It has become the identity of Ranchi and Jharkhand cultureIt is being celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country. For the devotees do not have trouble, arrangements for security have been made for them. He said that I am not the slave of the name alone. Ram is the people of Jharkhand i.e. in the public God is expressing, I am his slave. I should continue to serve them, this power has asked God. 

Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra was thrown out of pomp between the echo and cheer of traditional instrumental instrumentsFrom four o’clock in the morning, the queue of devotees started getting out of the temple. Volunteers serving the service were also present in the fair premises since 4 o’clock in the morning. At the same time, the three vigraho were bathed in the morning while eating. After bathing the aarti and enjoyment were done. After that, the doors of God were opened to the devotees from 5 o’clock in the morning. The philosophy was closed at two o’clock in the afternoon. From two o’clock, the three vigraho were rathharohan and make-up.

After the makeup of the three vigraho, Shri Vishnu’s speech was started at noon from 2 pmIn the presence of Chief Minister Raghuvar Das, Lord Mahaarti was made at four o’clock in the evening. Rath Yatra started at 5.00 in the evening. Thousands of devotees dragged the chariot to MauisbariA special pooja was arranged for women as soon as Mausibari reached the chariotDuring this one hour women took up the chariot and saw LordAfter that, the three vigraho were ousted from the chariot and they were established in MausibariThere was a Mangalarati of the Deities at 8.00 p.m.

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