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Chhath Puja: Excellent pilgrims to give birth to surreal sun
East Singhbhum

Chhath Puja: Excellent pilgrims to give birth to surreal sun 

The Chhath festival is being celebrated across the state. Trusted devotees to give the sun to the unstable Sun across the region, including the Jamshedpur of the Iron Man. Taking devotees to the ghats.

In Jamshedpur the four-dimensional atmosphere is devotional. Chhath’s songs were heard. On the streets, women were singing songs and going out towards the ghat. If someone is moving towards the pier lying on the ground, then a bare foot.

There was considerable crowd on the Mango bus stand of the city. Dozens of police personnel were busy controlling the crowd. Entrance of heavy vehicles in the city has been stopped. This has got some relief. Social workers and political parties are engaged in the service of the sixth vendors by making pandals in place. Decorations have been done on the ghats by organizations. Nearly 28 Chhath Ghats of the city are flaring with light. In many areas people have made an artificial puddle, where women sit and wait for the sun sinking. Six colonies have also been built in the colonies. Where Chhath songs are echoing.

Many people on the streets with band play seeing the side going towards the rooftops. Police personnel have been deployed in place of security arrangements. The diver is also on the ghats.

It is worth seeing at Sonari in the banks of the Swarnarekha river. A large number of people have reached Chhath here. The beauty of the river and views of Chhath from Marine Drive is worth seeing. There is a view like a fair outside the ghat.

On the other hand, the arrangement of traffic police for the people made trouble. The Old Court Road has been closed from around 1 a.m. in the afternoon. This is the first time that the vehicles coming from Jubilee Park, barricading here, is not being allowed to go ahead.

All the vehicles coming from the Jubilee Park towards Mango Chowk have been turned towards Jail Chowk and it got stuck on the Swarnarekha link road. Many parents and school children who are returning home after school leave are trapped in jam.

A crowd of six-lamps have started growing on the Swarnarekha Ghhat at Sakchi. Civil Defense workers have put anchors on the ghats. Civil Defense employees are deployed on several major Ghats including Swarnarekha and Dumuhani. These employees are stationed at Life Jacket Board Tube etc.

Apart from this the divers have also been deployed. These soldiers of the Civil Defense will help immediately on any type of untoward incident with the Chhath Varatiyon on the Ghats. Red flags have been placed on all the ghats. Varatiyon are being refused to go ahead of them. The SDO has visited the ghat and has taken stock of preparation.

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