Chashni Gujia and special cashew will increase the sweetness of Holi colors

If you get to eat a special dish in Holi, then the enjoyment of the colors of Holi will be doubled. Traditional dishes are made in the homes, but some special sweets found in the market make the festival more special.

Special Gujia for Holi is available in the Koylanchal. Customers have already ordered Gujiya. Holy Special Cashew Gujia, Mawa Special Holi Gujia, Chashni Gujia have become available in Koylancha Bajar. Those who have diabetes, special sugar free gujia has also been made for them.

The director of Bhola Mishthan Bhandar, Rajesh Gupta, says that the business of sweets remains the same throughout the year. But make special sweets in Holi, Dashahara and Diwali. And there is also demand. This time special gujia and cashew sweets have been prepared for Holi.

Gujia prepared from desi ghee has been kept at Rs 520 per kg. Cashew Gujia Rs 1100 per kg, Holi Special Gujia Rs 700 per kg, Sugar Free Gujia Rs 700 per kg, Gond Laddu Rs 640 per kg and Malpua Rs 300 per kg.

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