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Center approves the proposal of the Jharkhand government, the distribution of grain distribution in the cash of the DBT scheme

Center approves the proposal of the Jharkhand government, the distribution of grain distribution in the cash of the DBT scheme 

The DBT pilot scheme of grain distribution started in October 2017 under the name of the initiative in the cash has been abolished. The Center has agreed on the proposal of the State Government sent in this regard. Now instead of direct benefit transfer (DBT) in the city, beneficiaries will get grains at a subsidized rate of Rs. 1 per kg.

It is clear that in the social audit of the state government itself including food rights campaign, it became clear that the beneficiaries of Food Security Act are facing problems due to pilot project of DBT.

The food managers of the cows had given a memorandum in this regard to the governor on March 26, 2018 on the issue of their problems. In the earlier arrangement, the full value of rice was transferred to people’s account. After this, people used to buy grains.

Now again on the subsidized rate (one rupee per kg), the beneficiaries will get rice from the public distribution system. However, people of NGO affiliated with social audit are also opposing the benefits of food grains for linkages and compulsory biometric systems.

People such as social activist and Economist Jyan Dreze believe that food security of the poor is inhibited. In the last few months, 12 deaths due to so-called hunger across the state have also been linked to the fiasco due to the base and biometric system.

Closed Annapurna scheme also started: After the implementation of the Food Security Act, the Annapurna scheme has been started again. The Central Government has allocated 549.39 tonnes of food grains for the elderly of the state from April to September 2018 (six months) for the Annapurna scheme. It is beneficial for the 54939 elderly people of the state, 60 years of age or above, who qualify for old age pension, but they are not getting pension.

All elderly people will get 60 kg rice for six months at the rate of 10-10 kg per month. Anjan Panchayat Headquarters’s Jan Distribution System (PDS) is to meet the shop where, while taking the grain, the identity of the identity card issued to the elderly by the original identity card (voter identity card, photo taken bank passbook, base slip or Aadhar card, farmer photo passbook or CEO ). Food Supply Secretary Amitabh Kaushal has written a letter to all the deputy commissioners in this regard and has assured the department to provide utility certificates in October in its district by ensuring the upturn and distribution of grain till September 30.

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