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Bus collides with carriage rides in Latehar, nine dead

Bus collides with carriage rides in Latehar, nine dead 

Four children and five women, 26 injured in the dead, serious condition of 15, Rims Refer.


Chandwa (Latehar): Bus and ride collided face-to-face in a car near Sankni village on NH-75 in Latehar’s Chandwa station area. In the incident, nine people were killed in a carriage ride. About 26 people were injured. The event is about nine o’clock Monday night. The dead included four children and five women. The condition of 15 in the injured is being reported as critical. Many of these have been referred to the Rims in Ranchi after the first aid. All the deceased were residents of Latehar district. However, till late night, the names of the dead were not known.

Returning to the wedding ceremony, people riding in both vehicles
It is said that the people aboard the bus (Moonlight, JH 01 M 4583) belonged to Masmano village in Bhandara of Lohardaga. These men went to Manika to pay a marriage ceremony.

About 60-70 people were in the bus. At the same time, people aboard the ride were residents of Jogia of Latehar. There were about 25 people on board in the train. All were returning after paying a ritual (wedding ceremony) from Chamaranga of Balumatha. Meanwhile, there was a direct clampdown between the two vehicles near the Sikni village. It is said that the speed of both the vehicles was very fast.

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