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Born to the daughter, the boyfriend left the girlfriend, the angry people beat boyfriend

Born to the daughter, the boyfriend left the girlfriend, the angry people beat boyfriend 

In the Dumri police station area of Gumla district, there was a high-voltage drama for one hour on Wednesday. After giving birth to a daughter, a boyfriend left his girlfriend and refused to marry. Angry villagers grabbed the boyfriend and brought him to the police station and beating in the police station premises.

After the police intervention, the matter got settled. The boys have confessed to the girl as daughter-in-law in front of the police. At the same time, there is talk of marrying religious ceremonies.

According to the information, in the Karakatoli village of Akashi Panchayat, on Wednesday, around 50 people in the case of female feticide, surrounded Dumri police station for not adopting boy and girl. Where SI Laxman Mahli listened to both sides Along with the action, the reconciliation was done. The boy’s mother Supriya Toppo, elder brother Sumit Toppo, said in front of everyone that we accept the girl as her daughter-in-law. SI said that a boy from the village was having a love affair for four years with the same girl.

Knowing this, the villagers made the meeting and gave the girl the responsibility of the boy. For five months the girl was in the house with the boy. The boy delivered the girl to her parents when she was in labor. Where the girl gave birth to a daughter. Later, the family members of the boy refused to accept him. Then again in the village, the pressure to adopt and take the pressure. Yet the boy did not believe. After which the matter reached the police station.

On the spot, many villagers including Cholestic Khalkho, Mohan Khalkho, Neelam Khalkho, Kishor Khakho, Suresh Minj, Madhu Kujur, Suchita Khalkho, Droothia Toppo, Bhalaria Kujur, Sushma Khalkho, Kamala Khalkho, Anand Khalkho, Lazarus Minz, Victor Ekka, Walter Toppo Were present.

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