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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is stranded at Birsa Munda airport

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is stranded at Birsa Munda airport 

Air Asia’s Kolkata-Ranchi-Delhi aircraft canceled on Wednesday. The angry passengers stormed inside the Birsa Munda Airport and made a furore while accusing Air Asia of disorder. Air Asia workers’ anger did not get any accurate answer from the air and the passengers got angry and flared. Between them Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was also trapped. He had to go to Delhi from the Air Asia plane, but due to the delay of the aircraft, he had to refund his ticket. Later he flew to Delhi from the second plane.

Actually, the aircraft coming from Kolkata to Ranchi could not come due to technical disturbances. This led to the passage of Ranchi coming from Kolkata, passengers from Ranchi to Delhi and passengers from Ranchi to Kolkata. However, after four and a half hours, the Ranchi aircraft was sent from Delhi, leaving the remaining passengers to Delhi.

Earlier, the resentment of the passengers was on the matter that they were not given prior notice of the cancellation of the aircraft. All 110 passengers were sitting in the security hold area by doing boarding. Only then was the information that the aircraft coming from Kolkata could not fly due to technical reasons. Because of this the passengers are waiting for the flight to fly in Kolkata only. Until the news was written, the passengers were in Kolkata.

Refunded ticket for angry passengers: Here, tickets for angry passengers in Ranchi have been refunded by Air Asia management. The stamp on passengers’ tickets was said to be returned within a few hours. Passengers said that despite the delay of the aircraft, the company did not have any food and drink arrangements for them. Passengers traveling to this plane from Delhi are also troubled. He said that no information is being given to him regarding the aircraft. The only thing that was being said about the management was that the plane would land late in the night. Travelers said that due to uncertainty they are upset. They will have a lot of trouble catching connecting flights. On the other hand, the family of girls going alone in the plane also looked disturbed.

Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar returned to the airport after joining the tribal Sengel campaign Maharani in Morahabadi Maidan. They had to go to Delhi from the Air Asia plane, but because of the hours of the flight, they refunded their tickets and left for Delhi with another aircraft. They are also troubled by the Air Asia system. At the same time, their bodyguards also breathed a sigh of relief. After Mr Kumar’s plane’s flight, the bodyguard also left for the airport from Patna.

When asked about the delay of the aircraft, Air Asia management refused to say anything. It is noteworthy that in the past, due to delaying the air hours of Air Asia, passengers commute. It also complained to the airport management.

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