Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park (also known as Ranchi Zoo or Ormanjhi Zoo) is located at Ormanjhi in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park is one of the most beautiful and popular zoo in India.

Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park was established in 26.01.1994 by the erstwhile Government of Bihar at the bank of Getalsud Dam and on the main PatnaRanchi highway. The park has two divisions the zoological section is dedicated in 83 hectare and botanical section is spread over 21 hectare. The zoo was named after Birsa Munda, a legendary tribal freedom fighter of Chotanagpur area where in he is revered as Bhagwan and hence the name of this zoo Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park. Initially the zoo was recognised as a small zoo but in the year 2013 it was upgraded to a medium zoo by the Central Zoo Authority.

Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park have a dedicated veterinary doctor and trained compounder available for 24×7 to monitor health issues of animals, well established pathology lab for animals present in park, separate ward dedicated for complete treatment of animals and emergency ward for recalled animals or newly arrived ones.

Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park also offers Battery Operated Vehicle and Boating facility for visitors with other facilities like Drinking water, Rest Area with Sheds at regular interval, First Aid Box, Wheel Chair for Physical Challenged person, Toilets and Lavatories, Direction Map and Sign Board for navigation, Information Center for visitors, Kiosks, Service, Guide Map and Canteen Facility.

The Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park also boasts a program for adoption of animals to give them better facilies. Various organisations and celebrities also adopted animals. Priyanka Chopra, adopted tigress Durga & lioness Sundari even organisations like MECON and PNB also adopted few animals.

The Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park is pride of Jharkhand and is one of the major tourist attractions. The major breeding species are Himalyan Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Leopard Cat, Royal Bengal Tiger, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Fox, Stripped Hyena, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar, Nilgai, Black Buck, Indian Gour, Hippopotamus, Gangetic Gharial, Emu, Ostrich, Indian Peafowl and different species of pheasants.

The Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park is managed by Jharkhand Zoo Authority, an autonomous body and the annual plan of Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park is approved by the governing body. The funds of the authority consist of grants from the state government, revenues received from visitor ticket sales and other miscellaneous revenues.