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Bengal Government not following the 1978 agreement

Bengal Government not following the 1978 agreement 

The issue of Dumka‘s Masanjor Dam is shadowed in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Godda MP Dr Nishikant Dubey placed this issue in front of the central governmentSaid: The CM of Bengal is working to suppress small states like Jharkhand

About the Masanjor Dam in 1978, then CM Karpoori Thakur of Bihar and CM Jyoti Basu of Bengal signed the agreement. The Bengal Government has not followed compliance with that agreement. It is clear in the agreement that if the Bengal Government does not comply with the agreement, then the dame’s arbitrator will be the judge of the Supreme Court40 years have passed since the agreement The Bengal Government neither made two dams nor is giving electricity and neither water. Therefore, the central government intervenes in this matter and give justice to the people of JharkhandJharkhand does not have any means of irrigation.

MP Nishikant said in the Lok Sabha: The state which I am from Jharkhand, the condition of farmers is very bad. Only eight percent of the irrigation resources are available here. The Congress government created three dams in 1951-52. One of them is a Masanjor DamWhich is in my area.

The river which is Mayurajhi, comes out from my Loksabha DeogharThe issue of right now is the same. Jharkhand’s cabinet minister Louis Marandi is sitting on the dharna. Continuous movement is going on since yesterday. These are Masanjor, Panchayat and Maithon Dam, making the land of the three JharkhandIt was decided that water will be given to Ranishwar block of Santal ParaganaThen there was a revisit in 1978. The then CM Karpoori Thakur Ji and CM Jyoti Basu of Bengal signed the agreement on July 19, 1978. It was decided that instead of these dams, the Bengal government has to make two dams – one Nun Dam and Kalipahadi DamTill date, he did not make a dam in 40 years. Dam is on our land, which is our gate.

That dam has been captured by the Bengal governmentThe second, which is the gate of Dam, has also been captured by the Bengal GovernmentThe DC-SP of Birbhum goes and we are ready to fight. I urge you through the agreement that happened in 1978. That agreement says that if the arbitrator who is the Judge of the Standing Supreme Court, this agreement will not apply. That is why the Government of India is urging us to bring justice to the people. The government should intervene in the work which is being done by the Chief Minister to suppress the small state of Jharkhand like Dante, who wants to become the Prime Minister, who wants to become the Prime Minister, and we should give justice to the people. “

Two officials of West Bengal reached the Dumka Samaharnalaya in the Masanjor Dam Case. Here he was meeting with the district commissioner Mukesh Kumar and the issues related to the Masanjor controversy.

But here they came to know that DC is looking after the management of the second Monday of the Shravani Fair in BaisukhnathAfter getting the information both the officers returned without any meeting. According to the information, the ADM of West Bengal’s Birbhum district Ranjan Kumar Jha and Executive Engineer of Mayurakshi Irrigation Project Kinshuk Mandal reached Dumka DC for a conversation. The issue was the closure of the controversy and controversy over the ongoing Masanjor DamThe Government of Bengal has made a gate on the road of Jharkhand near Dam here, on which there is a rift in the West Bengal writing and the introduction of the logo there. There is a debate about the coloring on the dam.

Both Bengal officials sat in the collectorate for more than half an hour. Birbhum‘s ADM Ranjan Kumar Jha told that he had come to discuss the matter of his DM on a dispute in the Masanjor DamWhen he asked his side on this dispute, he refused to give any reply or comment. The office bearers from West Bengal sitting outside the office of Dumka Deputy Commissioner.

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