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Before EID, animal head was found in Shiva Temple
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Before EID, animal head was found in Shiva Temple 

Tension prevailed after the rumors of getting banned meat and murder of a Muslim youth within two months at a religious place on Tuesday, in the village of Deori of Jharkhand’s capital, Nagri Police Station, Ranchi. The people of one side stoned at the town square, but there was no information about the casualties of anybody. No one has even been arrested. The police and the administration are fully prepared. The security of the area has been tightened.

There is a Shiva temple in the village of Deori in the Nagri police station area. When people arrived here to worship in the morning, then saw the banished meat in the temple. This made people angry. Seeing a crowd of 500 people was noticed. Everyone arrived at the station and together at the police station. People were talking to the DSP that repeated such incidents can disturb the peace of the region. To stop this, police and administration should take steps. The guilty should be arrested and appropriate action should be taken against them.

In the meantime someone blew a rumor that the youth of a particular community has been killed. The people of that community started rocking on the Nagri Chowk. As soon as the information was received, the police force arrived there. On seeing the police, the rowdy elements escaped from there. No stone was injured in stone mills. The police have been deployed on the rallies. Stressful peace remains in the area.

Earlier, the villagers demanded the arrest of the accused and stopped the shops. It is worth mentioning that similar incidents took place in the same temple in May, after which the tension had spread in the area.

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