The bauxite dumping yard in the center of the city is becoming a curse for the people. Bauxite is being dropped from hundreds of trucks in the dumping yard. At the same time, hundreds of trolley bauxite are falling from the bauxite mines from the ropeway and rack loading is happening there.

The entire area is being polluted due to pollution of loading and unloading. Also, people are falling prey to diseases. Cancer, heart disease and other diseases including diseases are spreading loudly in Lohardaga. At the same time, the problem of road jam has become common. The most surprising is that the approval of the construction of bauxite dumping yard in the center of the city was also received by the pollution department.

The public representatives of Lohardaga never opposed it, the people who tried to protest were silenced by giving benefits on behalf of some company. Some got transporting, some got raging work. After this, the matter was put on hold. The situation is that the number of patients in Lohardaga is increasing exponentially today. The situation is that in the Maina garden, Court Road area where the dumping yard has been made, the water in that area has completely dried up.

Rail lines were laid for the transportation of bauxite and deep excavation was done for it and after that almost all the wells in that area have dried up. The water level has gone down. People are very worried about water.

People say that by not paying attention to the public interest, Hindalco has put such a blot on self-interest, that people cannot recover. People say that this dictatorship of the company is proving to be a curse for the people. The people of Court Road say that the loading and unloading of bauxite continues evenly. When the bauxite falls from the trolley in the dark of night, there is vibration in the houses. People are not able to sleep peacefully.

In this regard, doctors say that many kinds of diseases are being caused by dust from bauxite. The number of cancer patients has increased in Lohardaga. Heart patients are also increasing. People are also suffering from shortness of breath, tuberculosis. Its side effects are being seen continuously. New diseases are increasing due to pollution.

Recently, members of the Assembly Environment Committee visited Lohardaga and also visited Hindalco’s Bauxite dumping yard. They were stunned by the bauxite dumping yard in the middle of the city. They ordered to remove it without any delay.

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