Barujan narrated the story with full eyes. I went to Delhi in October in search of a job with two dozen people. Rajesh Thakur of Banskola arranged for everyone to go. All of them went to Farakka in West Bengal from there to New Delhi by train. In Bengal that he got separated from his colleagues. All the workers had gone separately. When he reached Delhi, Barujan could not understand the people there, the people there could not understand his mountain language. Somehow a week worked in Delhi. Some people got angry at him and started talking about killing him and he got scared. Leaving his bag and escaped from there. If there was no money nearby, then the railway line started running. Wandered in many places. There were many days that even the food was not destined. If someone had given, he would have eaten. Used to fall asleep wherever found. Reached Dhanbad two days ago after walking for about five months. There some GRP jawans made inquiries, fed them. Then sent him by train to Sahibganj. He reached home on Saturday.

A poor elder of the Paharia community went to Delhi trapped in the clutches of human smugglers to feed his wife and children. There the smugglers snatched the money and left it on the road. The elderly then reached Dhanbad in Jharkhand, 1270 KM away, walking on the railway track from Delhi. From October till now, he has suffered so much pain that he cried while talking. This is the story of Barujan Bamra Paharia, an elder of the Paharia tribe of Sahibganj.

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