There is no end to the rules regarding the religion and culture of the tribals. On this matter, Chief Minister Hemant Soren, who taught Babulal Marandi an anthropology lesson in the Vidhan Sabha, has now been instructed by Babulal to study. Speaking to the media on Sunday, Babulal said, the Chief Minister had said that Adivasis are not Hindus. Perhaps the Chief Minister does not know about this country.

The Chief Minister is the leader of a small party, living in a small part. There are 600–700 castes within the country which are listed in the Scheduled Tribes list. Everyone has different religious beliefs. They consider the goddess differently. In such a way how can a man claim this. Citing states like Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal, he said that Muslims and Kshatriya people also fall under the category of ST.

There are 32 castes in Jharkhand. The country has a large population of tribals, who write themselves as Hindus. Now if someone overpowers, what is the treatment for this? Said, he (Chief Minister) should study the whole country. Otherwise, a government team should be set up. Babulal said that if there is a large population of Munda, Oraon and Santal in Jharkhand, many of them have become Christians, so what will Hemant Soren say about it. They are knowledgeable of human scripture.

There are more than 700 tribal castes in the country. There are 32 castes only in Jharkhand. Everyone has their own method of worship. In such a way, how can we comment on the worship method of any religion. He described the knowledge of the Chief Minister as limited. Said, many Adivasis have become Christians, now what will they be called. Taking a dig at the Chief Minister, he said that the Chief Minister is a scholar of anthropology but he needs to study.

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