There are many places in the world, whose history is full of mysteries. But till date no one has reached its bottom. One such place is Tanginath Dham. This ancient religious site is about 150 km from the capital Ranchi, while Gumla is about 75 km from the district headquarters. There are many legends about this trident lying in the ground. According to a legend, it is considered to be the trident of Lord Shiva. The crowds arrive at Sawan and Mahashivaratri at Tanginath, situated amidst the thick forests. People believe that Lord Shiva is a true figure here. The priests of this temple are tribal.

This trident did not deteriorate till today despite being in the air, water and sunlight. It also did not rust. Legend has it that Lord Parshuram was angered when Rama broke Shivaji’s bow during Sita Swayamvara in Treta Yuga. After this he had an argument with Laxman. Later when it came to know that Rama is the incarnation of Vishnu, then Parashurama repented. They came there and came here i.e. Tanginath. While doing penance here, he buried his Fursa (Parshu) in the ground. This trident is considered the same.

According to another legend, once Lord Shiva became angry with Shani Dev. He fired the trident and attacked Shanidev. Shanidev survived and this trident was buried in the ground. This is believed to be the same trident. It is said that once the archeology department dug around 10 feet around the trident to find its root, but nothing was found.

The Archaeological Department excavated here in 1989. Then precious jewels and idols of gold and silver were found. The stone sculptures found here match those found in Utkal’s Bhubaneswar, Mukteshwar and Gauri Kedar. Today, even though this place is in ruins, there is a tit like Trishul buried here.

Some images are still unidentified. Some believe that they are lord Budha. The main temple of lord Shiva, The great Trishul buried in the ground, The sun temple, The Surya Kund are of great attraction. A number of Shivlingas that are lying here are supposed to be of lord Budha’s period.

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