An army of at least 26,000 cyber experts has been prepared in Jharkhand for the elimination of Jamtara’s Cyber Criminals and closing their shop permanently. The number of such youth is continuously increasing. Any student or youth can participate in this army being prepared against cybercrime.

On the initiative of the Central Government, this training is being given through Pragya Kendras (Common Service Centers) throughout the country including Jharkhand. Only in Jharkhand, more than 26,000 students and youth registered for it. They were told how to avoid being a victim of cybercrime. Those who take training include teachers and students.

Senior Executive of CSC (Education) of Jharkhand, Vikram Verma said that after this training, Jamtara or any thugs of the country and world will not be able to make them easy victims. After completing the training, so much understanding is created among the people that how the cyber criminals implicate people.

cyber crime

He informed that at least one academic center has been set up in every district for this. This center operates the program. In this training, IT experts tell you how to keep your data safe. How to avoid hacking and how to avoid cyber-fishing.

The Department of Information and Technology, Government of India started this campaign to find out whereabouts of online fraudulent cybercriminals. Under this, youth are being given training in cyber security through Pragya Kendras. Children are being motivated to join this training program, so that they can avoid themselves from being victims of cybercriminals and can also save people.

It is pertinent to mention here that during the awareness campaign conducted from 12th July to 12th August 2020, the registrants were given free training. Now people have to pay Rs 1,180 for this. After the completion of online training, it will be tested. Those who pass the exam are also given a certificate from the CSC Academy. Be aware that people involved in cyber crime are cheating people online by cheating them in new ways. In such a situation, basic information is being given to the youth regarding cyber security. Online courses related to cyber security are being run in Pragya Kendras.

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